Monday, 12 March 2007

Liew Rong Qi 2A/06

This is a picture depicting a man-made path surrounded with trees, plants and ferns at the two sides. Although it is not an unusual sight to us, the trail which cuts through and divides the greenery into two different sections seems to be disrupting Nature.

However, the growth of the ferns and plants towards the adjoining path seems to reveal the attempt of Nature trying to overcome the man-made creation which separated them in the first place. There is also water on the path which seems to be spreading entirely over the path. This gives a sense of the water trying to overcome the concrete structure of the path.

Hence, this picture actually tells us the cause and effect of the dispute between Man and Nature. As Man has in the first place interrupted Nature, Nature is left with no other choice but to dispute Man’s power over civilization. Thus, the photo shows the process of Nature’s attempt in dominating Man, and soon, the greenery will cover the pathway, and Man will not be able to retaliate. This implies that Man’s dominance over Nature is only temporary, and Nature will always be the superior one.

This photo is actually similar to the first one. It is a footpath which cuts through greenery. However, after taking a closer look, it is be quite noticeable that this photo actually depicts a contrary significance as compared to the first photo. The greenery further from the path is in good shape and well grown, while the ones found nearer to or on the route, are dead leaves which are entirely brown and yellow in colour.

This photo seems to show the failure in Nature’s attempt in overpowering the Man’s doing – the trail. Despite the several attempts of the plants to cover up the trail, which interrupt Nature’s doing, the plants still remain within the boundary. Both the leaves which were found near the boundary of the path and those which manage to get on the pathway are all yellow and brown. This shows clearly the separation of Nature and Man’s doing.

Hence, this photo seems to show the supremacy of Man over Nature. The route, which is the construction of humans, seems to mark the death of Nature. Thus, Man, in this case, is demonstrated as the one dominating Nature.

All the three photos are actually similar photos taken at different places, which portray different interpretations of the same scene. This photo, once again, is a pathway with greenery surrounding it. However, a completely opposite interpretation is shown. Balance and harmony between Nature and urban landscape is being illustrated here.

This picture actually shows us a blend of human society and Nature as there is a mixture of different objects which belongs to both sides. The sky and greenery, which belong to Nature, seem to be unified with the path, rubbish bin and benches, which are made by human beings. All the items mentioned co-exist with Nature and they seem to be a part of each other.

Hence, this photo exemplifies that harmony is achieved between Man and Nature. Thus, as we can see from the three photos that there are many different aspects of the relationship between Man and Nature. They can be integrated in harmony, but they can also exist in discord, when put together.

Liew Rong Qi

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